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Designed electrical systems in residential, public and administrative buildings:

• Spa Hotel “Velingrad” – apartment hotel with restaurant, nightclub and swimming pool in Velingrad
• SPS – Multifunctional business building with offices, stores and underground parking in Plovdiv
• Multifunctional building with commercial areas, offices, apartments and underground parking in Plovdiv.
• Complex “Rich Daddy Resort & Spa” in Pomorie
• Complete reconstruction and modernization of the lighting, electrical systems and backup power supply in Plovdiv Airport
• Auditorium of the Medical University in Plovdiv
• Residential complex “HUS” in Plovdiv
• Residential Complex “Elite” in Plovdiv
• Residential building with public service activities “Oasis II” in Plovdiv
• Office building (reconstruction and change during construction to a shopping center) in Plovdiv
• Restaurant “Efir 100” in Plovdiv
• Building with apartments, offices and an underground garage “Tarameks” in Plovdiv

Designed electrical systems in industrial facilities:

• Production facility for storage of cereals and processing of fruits and vegetables in Chernichevo
• Factory “Agri Bulgaria” in Radinovo
• Factory for low and medium voltage electrical components “ABB Automation” in Stryama
• Workshop for mechanical processing of metal and plastic products in Plovdiv
• Workshop for production and bottling of acetylene in Asenovgrad
• Steam boiler with straw fuel – “Peshtera” Winery in Katunitsa
• Storage for distillates, incl. outdoor storages, office building and external cable supply – “Peshtera” Winery in Katunitsa
• Buildings for public services – garages and carpentry workshops in Plovdiv
• Installation for incineration of hazardous waste and producing heat – “Biovet” AD in Razgrad
• Installation for production of energy from biomass and waste – “Biovet” AD in Peshtera

Designed street lighting projects, sewage networks, etc.

• Rehabilitation and reconstruction of the boulevard “6-ti Septemvri”, implementation of energy efficient street lighting in Plovdiv
• Rehabilitation and reconstruction of the boulevard “Maria Luiza”, implementation of energy efficient street lighting in Plovdiv
• Construction of underground and surface infrastructure for warehouses for industrial goods, office buildings and service activities in Dalgo Pole

Designed overhead power lines, substations, transformer stations and water treatment plants

• Reconstruction of “Borisovgrad” substation 110 / 20kV and design of the electrical connection to photovoltaic power plant, located in Karadzhalovo near Parvomay
• Design of substation 20/110 kV and 110 kV switching station for energy from renewable sources – (photovoltaic panels) near Pazardzhik
• Reconstruction and extension of the sewerage network and construction of sewage treatment plant sewage in Velingrad
• Air-to-cable connection 20 kV of overhead power line “Strelbishte” near Sofia
• Transformer stations 10 / 0,4 kV, cable lines medium and low voltage for radiotherapeutic complex “Clinic of Radiotherapy” SBALO EAD in Sofia
• External power supply and transformer station for multifunctional building with garage, sports and exercise rooms, spa area and swimming pool in Plovdiv
• Rainwater and wastewater tanks for waste water treatment plant in Dalgo Pole

Designed photovoltaic power plants

• PV Solar Plant “Elshitsa” – 2,5 MWp
• PV Solar Plant “Apriltzi” – 80 MWp
• PV Solar Plant “Zheliazno” – 3 MWp
• PV Solar Plant “Hadjiiski Livadi” – 20 MWp
• PV Solar Plant “Bryagovo” – 550 kWp
• PV Solar Plant “Tenevo” – 4 MWp
• PV Solar Plant “Krumovo” – of 2 MWp
• PV Solar Plant “Nova Zagora” – 2,32 MWp
• PV Solar Plant “Novo Selo” – 5 MWp
• PV Solar Plant “Yambol” – 2,5 MWp
• PV Solar Plant “Hadjiiski Livadi II” – 10 MWp
• PV Solar Plant “Boshulya” – 2,7 MWp
• PV Solar Plant “Cheshnegirovo” – 700 kWp
• More than 30 grid-connected or autonomous roof PV solar systems.